Why Quattro Horns?


Versatile in its sound, the horn can be played with a mellow, soft sound which won't overshadow conversations at a reception.  For processionals and other times for celebration, the horn's bright, beautiful sound makes the occasion perfect.  During a quiet interlude, such as candle lighting or offertory, horns can be played thougthfully, resonating images of romance, beauty, and devotion.  It is this great variety of sounds, plus the wide range of the French Horn which makes it so perfect for many occasions.  You will not find this versatility with a mixed brass, woodwind, or string group.

Composers choose to use French Horns to create that special sound for movies, the cinema and television to highlight signature moods, characters and events.  These themes are remembered and recalled for years to come.  You need only think of the music from Star Wars to realize the importance of the French Horn in creating that right effect.  Classical, pop, folk, and other composers have all chosen to use French Horns to assist with creating the perfect mood.​

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